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Weddings are some of the biggest celebrations in our lives, your caterer should be talented enough to match the occasion. Since 2004 Taste! To Go has been delivering the metro’s most talked-about weddings. Since Taste! To Go is a full-service event company we can help you plan a small casual celebration or a large, elegant wedding affair to remember.

We excel at planning your reception, managing the event, and ensuring a terrific dining experience for your guests with food prepared with great care and skill. Taste! To Go also has extensive experience building and bartending an efficient bar, and cleaning up when the fun is over.

One of the most important things you can do when deciding upon your caterer and menu is to decide what style of reception you want to have. Taste! offers family style service, formal plated menus, stations style cocktail parties, appetizers, and buffets.

Your venue & space may also inspire a certain style. Taste! will offer high quality and inspired menus for all styles. See the sample menus below to get started, but we love to create menus with our clients, so call us today.


Family Style

Formal Dining with Casual Guest Interaction. A perfect blend of formal and casual.

Sample Menus

Plated Dinners

Plated Dinners are a perfect way to achieve a formal dining experience.

Sample Menu


Stations have become a very popular way to feed & entertain your guests. Stations work best when you create a dining space that feels like a cocktail lounge. Minimal formal seating, lots of cocktail high tops, and vignettes of seating to create a fun, casual, cocktail party with lots of mingling and movement. Some stations are interactive with a chef while others speak for themselves.

Sample Menu

Other Station Ideas


Buffets are a wonderful way to feed your guests if you want to have a dinner that is served at a specific time, but more casual than a formal dinner. Buffets can still have formal seating arrangements, but do not require them. Buffets are also great because you can offer variety without having to handle guest's menu choices.

Sample Menu

Other Buffet Ideas

Dessert Receptions

Want to try something different or perhaps want to save a little money?  Why not have an afternoon party with drinks and desserts only. And everybody loves desserts.

Sample Menu

Brunch Receptions

Think Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, Waffles, Eggs, Bacon, etc. Get the party started early and enjoy the whole day.

Sample Menu